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  • Assistant to the general manager

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the general manager's daily affairs to assist in follow-up, and do a good job of communication and connection with various departments of the company;

    2. Responsible for follow-up, negotiation and communication of external cooperation projects, formulate plans, and implement the entire process;

    3. Responsible for paying close attention to the company's business policies and policies, assisting the general manager in coordinating work, and keeping pace with the development of the industry;

    4. For the meetings initiated by the General Manager Office, do a good job in organizing and meeting the relevant meetings. And in accordance with the resolutions of the meeting, follow up on the follow-up matters until completion;

    5. Assist the general manager to investigate and study, understand the company's operation and management, and put forward suggestions or suggestions for the general manager to make decisions;

    6. Responsible for coordinating with the general manager to participate in the planning, arrangement and organization of the company's large-scale activities;

    7. Complete the tasks assigned by the superiors and assign or adjust the work as needed.

  • Administrative Clerk


    1. Technical secondary school or above, one-year relevant work experience, excellent fresh graduates may also be considered;

    2, the computer is proficient, will be the basic office software.

    3. Careful, initiative, and enthusiastic.